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What We Do

Our idea is pretty simple. Take the best online learning resources, join them together, put them in one place, and provide them to schools around the country. One place and one login for teachers and their students. We want to enable you to have all this…for free. Our idea is to not only give teachers access to more, but remove the difficulty and confusion associated with having more. We want our project to have a profoundly positive influence on our teachers and our students.


Who We Are

We are an education-based software development company that has been helping schools for more than 25 years. We’ve always tried to innovate, and see what the next thing is around the corner. We’re a small, dedicated team, with an enormous idea. We’ve survived on integrity and our personal relationships with the people we work with. We are asking you to help us make our dream a reality.


Online Learning

Here are some of the best resources available in the World, and we’re lucky enough to have them standing with us. We’re constantly finding more, and asking them to join our initiative. If you know of some incredible resource that we should be asking to join our project, please let us know.


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